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Categories of Computer Crime Professor Nickson CSI 170: Information Technology in Criminal Justice July 8, 2014 When it comes to being a part of the World Wide Web, there are many encounters a person goes through along the process. Criminals take advantage of free access to any type of information, and will do whatever it means to obtain that information. Computer crimes range from being a complete chaos or just annoying. These types of crime range from obtaining information about people or just harassing and hurting another. According to Taylor et al (2011), the four common categories of computer crime would be: * Computer As the Target * Computer As the Instrumentality of the Crime * Computer Is Incidental to Other Crimes * Crimes Associated With the Prevalence of Computers An example of a computer as a target would be would be a hacker wanting to obtain information about their victim. This information would be social security, bank account information, as well as address and phone numbers. The hacker wants to obtain the information for identity theft. Another example of a computer as a target would be hacking a victim's computer, but instead of collecting the information, they destroy it instead. They do not want the victim to have the access to the computer to prevent the hacker from tracing their data and computer information. Computer as an instrument would be a person harassing another person over the Internet. It is mainly located on social media outlets, where people of all ages contact one another. Mainly, when people do something wrong, they do not want others to know about, but the hacker makes sure the victim does not forget about the incident. The hacker usually harasses the person consistently, and black mails the user. For a price, the hacker agrees not to reveal the evidence to a large audience, in exchange for a price.

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