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Group Project for Marketing Coca-Cola [pic] Content page A. Executive Summary ----------------------------------------P.3 B. Situation Analysis (SWOT) ----------------------------------------P.4-5 C. Marketing Objectives ----------------------------------------P.6 D. Marketing Strategies ----------------------------------------P.7-8 E. Marketing Mix Analysis (4P) ----------------------------------------P.9-12 F. Recommended Course of Action ----------------------------------------P.13-14 G. References A. Executive Summary In this project, we are going to analyze and give recommendation about the Coca-Cola Company’s product-Coke. In the further context, you will discover about the marketing strategies of Coca-Cola Company, the SWOT analysis of the Company, the marketing mix of Coca-Cola Company, the last but not least, there has the recommendation from us to the Coca-Cola Company. Our goal for this project is finding about why the Coca-Cola Company can stay in the market for such a long time even Pepsi, Which is the biggest rival of them, are against them in market. One of our recommendations for Coca-Cola Company is open a gift shop because establishing a gift shop can provide them new sales channel and direct contact with customers. You will find out more about the information in the further context about the Coca-Cola Company. B. SWOT Strengths Coca-Cola is a well-known brand name in the world and the company has a greater brand name than its competitor even another soft drink. As a result of long history, the company has a big market share and the company has a big affect in the world.

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