Coca-Cola's Final Strategic Plan

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The Coca-Cola Company proudly boasts a storied history steeped in creativity, tradition, inspiration, and strategic planning and execution. 127 years in business is not only a professional accomplishment, but it is also a major milestone that speaks volumes for how a company like Coca-Cola maintains this type of longevity. Coca-Cola has been an international staple in the global marketplace because it embodies a solid business structure that produces the world’s most recognizable brands. The Coca-Cola Company began building its global network in the 1920’s, after having established humble beginnings as a business in 1886 by John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. Now operating in more than 200 countries and producing approximately 500 non-alcoholic beverage brands, Coca-Cola has successfully applied a simple formula on a global scale- provide a moment of refreshment for a very small amount of money -- a billion times a day (Coca-Cola, 2013). The Coca-Cola Company has been able to survive depressions, recessions, and market instability because of its incredible vision, comprehensive mission, strategic direction, values, and one of a kind taste. In addition to its communications and marketing power, creativity, productivity, and innovation, operating within the company’s mission and vision drives its global success. While every successful company finds ways to maintain its position, Coca-Cola must continue to remain competitive and grow with consumer demand. This strategic plan will offer ways for Coca-Cola to maintain its edge while focusing on the future by examining its financial, social, internal, and consumer based initiatives. It will also propel Coca-Cola into the next millennium as a front-runner in beverage production, distribution, and consumer demand. Mission, Vision, and Values and Corporate Citizenship A company’s mission is defined by Pearce &

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