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Coca Cola Swot Essay

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  1. The best global brand in the world in terms of value ($77,839 billion), according to Interbrand
  2. World’s largest market share in beverage, about 40% of the market
  3. Strong marketing and advertising, very large budget and famous commericals
  4. Most extensive beverage distribution channel, serves in more than 200 countries and over 1.7 billion servings a day
  5. Customer loyalty, enjoys a loyal consumer group
  6. Bargaining power over suppliers. The Coca Cola Company is the largest beverage producer in the world and exerts significant power over its suppliers to receive the lowest price available from them.
  7. Corporate social responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Coca Cola is increasingly focusing on CSR programs, such as recycling/packaging, energy conservation/climate change, active healthy living, water stewardship and many others, which boosts company’s social image and result in competitive
  1. Significant focus on carbonated drinks
  2. Undiversified product portfolio
  3. High debt level due to acquisitions
  4. Negative publicity
  5. Brand failures or many brands with insignificant amount of revenues

  1. Bottled water consumption growth will grow as consumers move to a healthy choice.
  2. Increasing demand for healthy food and beverage Due to many programs to fight obesity, demand for healthy food and beverages has increased drastically. The Coca Cola Company has an opportunity to further expand its product range with drinks that have low amount of sugar and calories.
  3. Growing beverages consumption in emerging markets.
  4. Growth through acquisitions

  1. Changes in consumer preferences
  2. Water scarcity
  3. Strong dollar
  4. Legal requirements to disclose negative information on product labels
  5. Decreasing gross profit and net profit margins
  6. Competition from PepsiCo
  7. Saturated carbonated drinks market

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