Coca Cola Neutrality Iniative

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TCCC Water Neutrality 1 Revised Week #1 Richardson, Courtney Coca-Cola’s Water Neutrality Initiative R, Courtney Domingo Negon, PhD MBA 520 October 27, 2012 TCCC Water Neutrality 2 Water is vital to all life forms. It is used to irrigate crops from which food is derived, it hydrates the human body to ensure proper metabolic function, it hydrates animals used for consumption and allows for sanitation to combat sickness and disease. Seven hundred eight million people lack access to sufficient water supply and greater than three million people die each year from water sanitation and hygiene related causes, worldwide ( The critical nature of water quality and availability mandates that corporations use water resources responsibly; one way to accomplish this is to “return to nature and communities an amount of water equal to what is used in products and production” (Lawrence and Weber, 2011, p. 44). In 2000, Coca-Cola was the world’s largest beverage company. Coca-Cola and their bottlers used eighty billion gallons of water yearly for production and employee sanitation (Lawrence and Weber, 2011, p. 48). This vast water usage, created public issues related to water quality, availability and worldwide access. The Center for Science and the Environment, activists, local residents and India’s government expected Coca-Cola to conduct operations in ways that protected both the environment and consumers of their products. Instead, the corporation’s practices depleted India’s water supply and contaminated the products sold to their customers. The strategic radar screen model suggests that corporations must have ways to track development outside of their

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