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Reassignment MR1 Coca Cola David de Jong 070771 Class 2ME-4B   Index Question 1: page 3-4 Question 2: page 4-5 Question 3: page 5-7 Question 4: page 7 Links: page 8  Question 1. Porter has developed the concept of the “value chain company” (page 469 – 470). According to this concept a firm has 9 value-creating activities. All activities add up to the total customer value as delivered by the company to its customers. Analyze Coca Cola Company by using the nine value creating activities of Porter. Indicate how each activity adds value to the final product delivered by the company. Inbound Logistics: It is very important for Coca Cola to make sure their inbound logistics are well organized. Since the ingredients for the drinks are mostly not available in the country the product is produced, shipment and storage of the product has to be very strictly arranged. Some initiatives that are taken are pinpointing locations for distribution centers to make sure shipping goes a lot quicker and creating IT systems to send returns to suppliers faster. If Coca Cola does not make sure to invest money in storage and inventory, they can be overcome by competition. Operations: The factories of Coca Cola have to be able to cope with a huge demand of people wanting to drink beverages produced by the company. Therefore, also this activity has to be treated with high efficiency. The company sells their syrups to authorized bottling and canning operations, who, after their job is finished, deliver us with the Coca Cola we all know. Since the bottlers also distribute and market Coca Cola, they are essential in for the company to gain a place on the market. Outbound Logistics: Since Coca Cola uses their bottlers for distribution, it is important to manage these bottlers in this process. Ways of doing this include

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