Coca Cola Business Strategy Essay

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COCA COLA BUSINESS STRATEGY The strategy of The Coca-Cola Company has for a long time been best characterised as follows: global marketing and local manufacturing. However, the global marketing approach has been changed to local marketing because of the differences in consumer demands and experiences. To implement their “think local, act local” philosophy, the following key areas are considered: • Consumers – by using innovative and tailored marketing programs based on local consumer insights, The Coca-Cola Company will keep growing its core brands while also leveraging its distribution system to capture other growth opportunities in the ready-to-drink nonalcoholic beverage category. • Communities – local offices around the world ensure that the Company is a respectful corporate citizen and participates as an integral part of each community. • Customers – the Company provides value to customers through every consumer purchase, through superior customer service and through great value creation programs. • Coca-Cola System – the Coca-Cola system business model delivers value to the Company and to its bottling partners. By working together, the Coca-Cola system focuses on growing the overall profits from the beverage category in order to provide strong returns for all parties involved. • Coca-Cola People – the Company recognises the value of its associates and remains focused on ensuring it has the most talented, creative and motivated people throughout the world. • Segmentation o Geographic segmentation : Coca Cola has segmented the worldwide market on the basis on geographies. There are various divisions created for major regions of the world and heads of each division report to the parent company. Lot of autonomy is given to each division to run the operation. o Place of Consumption : Coca Cola segments the market on the basis of the place of consumption

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