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Coca-Cola A Success Story In China? Essay

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A Success Story in China?
Sociology 101

Coca-Cola a Success Story in China?
Coca-Cola was introduced to consumers in Atlanta, Georgia 1886 by John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist.   This wonderful new and exciting drink began its journey at Jacobs’ pharmacies for five cents a glass.   In 1891 Coca-Cola began marketing their product by putting the Coca-Cola trademark on posters, calendars, clocks and apothecary scales.
Joseph Biedenharn of Vicksburg, Mississippi began bottling Coca-Cola in 1894 which allowed it to be portable but despite this advance Coca-Cola failed recognize the advantages of a bottled drink that consumers could take with them. Heritage.Coca-Cola.com (2011)   Since this first misstep Coca-Cola has continued to adapt its marketing strategies according to consumers’ desires and cultures.   The research Coca-Cola procures from its target consumers whether they are Americans or Chinese allows the company to continue to expand and be profitable in all regions of the world including China.
Coca-Cola's Marketing Strategy
Coca-Cola's marketing strategy changes according to what part of the world and their customers’ culture.   In the early days, Coke's advertising focused on branding authentic Coca-Cola since other soft drinks were making their way into the market.   One way Coke accomplished this was in 1916 the company had a bottle design contest that brought about the contoured bottle still recognizable today.   “The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, won a contest to design a bottle that could be recognized in the dark.”   Heritage.Coca-Cola.com (2011)
During World War II as another way of integrating Coca-Cola further into American life the owner of the company “Woodruff ordered that "every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for 5 cents, wherever he is, and whatever it costs the Company."” Heritage.Coca-Cola.com (2011)   For the troops overseas this brought little taste of home and created special...

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