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Edwidge Adhemar 11/11/2013 Running Head: Coca Cola Global and Domestic Marketing Page 1 Abstract Coca Cola makes up 47 percent of the domestic market. Coca Cola has strategically positioned itself within the global domestic soft drink market. Coca Cole operates in over 200 countries, they make clear choices in whether to offer their products globally and on what level or in which market to offer their products in domestically. The Coca Cola company was founded in 1886 and is the world leading manufacture, marketer, and distributor of beverages. Operating in over 200 countries and offers more then 230 different brands. 80 percent of the company profit comes from outside the United States and in the United States 70 percent of the company volume makes profits. Coca Cola knows what it takes to operate globally and domestically on a great marketing level. Coca Cola knows very well about the responsibilities and obligations of international relations and foreign trade. Coca Cola offers many different marketing strategies that offers rewards to their manufactures, bottle makers, workers, and consumers, all on a global and domestic level. Running Head: Coca Cola Global and Domestic Marketing Page 2 The influence of Coca Cola global economic interdependence is much needed and used because they use other people to produce most of their goods and services. Coca Cola depends on this to sustain life and living of others by offering these products and services domestic and globally. Global economic means that Coca Cola is linked to all of the companies that help to the point if they fail then it affects everyone. Also the 1995 World Trade Organization requires all member countries to regulate and check all goods that are imported to make sure they are in line with the

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