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Coca Cola Essay

  • Submitted by: nic12398
  • on May 3, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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Dear Future Generations,
My name is Coca-Cola; I am and will forever be the one and only soft drink of the great state of Georgia. I am one of a kind starting at the bottle and ending at the last drop of my delicious flavor. I have been known to do many things from curing a headache to brightening up someone’s day. I can do things that range from A to Z; you can just call me Coke.

In my day I was and still am phenomenal in taste to everyone who drank Coke. I have had many others try to mock me but I prevailed and made my kind last for generations and generations to come. With the invention of my unique bottle design I preserved the Coke name for ever.

Everything great starts out small and grows to become a huge world-wide company like Coke.   I started out as Coca-Cola, a brand of syrup used as a relief for a headache. One day in a pharmacy someone bought me and took me to a restaurant to get water, but the bartender was too lazy to get regular water so he used soda water and thus Coca-Cola was formed. It soon caught on and before they knew it the inventors of Coke were rich. The recipe was kept a secret, recorded only in memory until Asa Candler took over; then the formula was committed to paper and kept safe in a guarded vault. Now I Coca-Cola, am one of the largest soda companies in the world, with many other products than just the original Coke soda.

So next time you need the refreshment of choice and don’t want to sacrifice flavor chose me Coca-Cola. I am, and still are the oldest and best cola drink you will ever taste, by the way my favorite color is red.


The Red Bottle

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