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Coca-Cola 1. Discuss the North American market for The Coca-Cola Company in the impact to volume growth or declines for the period. I selected the first quarter of 2011. Volume was up 6% in the first quarter of 2011 with growth of 2%, excluding the benefit of their new cross-licensed brands in North America. This was positive growth in North America and Coca-Cola seemed to have been on an upswing, being the fourth consecutive quarter of growth. More importantly, North America increased in volume and value when it came to nonalcoholic beverages (The Coca Cola Company, 2011). The results for North America were a testament to how well Coke’s new leadership and operation team were working. Placing focus on integration efforts reflected the greater plan, while executing strong marketing and sales capabilities to accelerate leadership position within North America delivered profit and substantial growth (The Coca-Cola's CEO Discusses Q1 2011 Results - Earnings Call Transcript , 2011). 2. Discuss the drivers of profitability during the quarter at The Coca-Cola Company and the likely long-term impact of these drives on profits. In the United States, trademark Coca-Cola gained share. Diet Coke was a close second following the name brand Coca-Cola. Coke Zero continued double-digit volume growth in North America for the 20th consecutive quarter. Sprite grew 3%, while Fanta was up 5% this past quarter. Reiterating that using the right strategies and course of actions to sustainably drive long-term growth across our entire North America was in effect and reflective in the portfolio. 3. Discuss the Earnings per Share results for the quarter in comparison to historic results and long-term growth targets. Coke reported comparable earnings per share of $0.86, up 7% versus the prior year and in line with the long-term growth targets. While this

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