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IBM4840 Global Supply Chain Management Section 401 Term Project The Coca-Cola Company Submit to A. Kaimook Numgaroonaroonroj Group Members 1. I Ping Wang 5035206 2. Chokchai P. 5113207 3. Lertlakkana Sakornwimon 5115166 4. Xinlei Dai 5135586 Semester 2/2010 Table of Contents Supply Chain Strategy 3 Visions and Missions 4 Generic Strategy 5 Resource-Based Model 6 Value Chain Analysis 9 Macro-Environment Analysis 10 Industry Analysis 14 SWOT Analysis 16 Reference 17 Appendices 18 Appendix A: Company Background 18 Appendix B: Market Share Around the World 19 Appendix C: Organizational Structure 20 Appendix D: Details of SWOT Analysis 24 Supply Chain Strategy Coca-Cola Supply (CCS) was created earlier this year to make sure Coke products get from the bottler to customers as efficiently as possible. (See Appendix A for Company Background and Appendix B for Coca-Cola market share around the world) The company is a legal entity jointly owned by Coca-Cola North America and Coca-Cola Enterprises, the Atlanta-based bottler. There are more than 70 bottlers in the United States alone, and all are invited to participate in the supply chain company, which is providing system-wide leadership to address supply chain issues through integrated planning, joint initiatives and best practice processes. According to CCS, they are transforming the supply chain from a series of discrete, inconsistent activities to a single, harmonious and sustainable system that is more customer-focused. They are moving toward the Centralized System. This creation of Coca-Cola Supply is another step in their evolution toward a more demand driven supply chain. Coca-Cola will continue to drive innovation and sustainability throughout the enterprise. Supply chain

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