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Marketing and Product Objectives {draw:frame} The Coca Cola Company is successful in selling many of its products, however, there still be aspects that can be further improved. The first of these areas is that there are many products that are not as well known as the major brands of beverages, the well know Coca Cola, Sprite, Nestea, and Powerade*. One of our objectives is to promote the lesser-known products under Coca-Cola Enterprises to be more successful. In the next two years (by 2008), it is plan that an 100% sales *increase will occur in such products as, Full Throttle, Hi-C, and Disney’s Hundred Acre Woods. In order to achieve these goals we plan to focus more attention to the advertising of such products. The result of this will be an increase in sales for Coca-Cola Enterprises, an increase in Coca Cola’s market share, as well as a decrease in sales for other competitors. A second objective is to reposition Coca-Cola to be a healthier product. This is because consumers today are looking to lead healthier lives, choosing substitution goods. Coca Cola has many different drinks, such as Minute Maid, and many different types of fruit juice beverages. These products contain many vital nutrients, such as Vitamin C. They have also received a health check from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which the Coca Cola Company supports financially. It is planned for such information to be released to the public and by *2008,* Coca Cola Enterprises would be repositioned as a healthier company in the consumer’s minds. It is planned that by 2008, a research conducted regarding favourite beverages will reveal that Coca Cola Enterprises’ products rank number one among the vast majority of consumers. SWOT ANALYSIS OF COCA COLA Strengths- Coca Cola is an extremely recognizable company. Popularity is one of its superior strengths that

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