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Coca Cola Essay

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London College Of Business

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Business and Marketing Strategy Individual Assignment Muhammad Ahsan Riaz Dr.Wang Hui 130479MAR MBA (Finance) A CM 706 April 2011-April 2012 7th July 2011 2085


Coca Cola is a leading Soft Drink manufacturer in the world, selling 1.3 billion beverage servings worldwide every day. Operating from its head office in Atlanta America, it started its global business in 1919 and now operating in more than 200 countries offering approximately 400 beverage products worldwide. Its red and white trade mark is the globally well-known brand symbol. The aim of this report is to discuss the Environmental issues affecting Coca Colas global marketing strategy, relevant threats and opportunities. Global Business and Marketing practices of Coca Cola and application of relevant analytical techniques. Q1) Provide the detailed assessment of the environmental issues affecting Coca Cola global business and marketing Strategy. Given guidance in terms of opportunities or threats they may pose for the company in the future. Ans1) Since Coca Cola started its global operations, it has received lots of criticism for its production procedure and poor environmental record. It has recently made lots of efforts to combat this issue. For example, in India there is a lot of criticism about raw materials being used in manufacturing process? It is believed that water being used by Coca Cola contains pesticides like DDT, linden and chlorpyrifos and other dangerous chemicals. The Case Study conducted by CSE in 2003 revealed that Coca Cola India has pesticides remains of 30 times over European Union regulations while similar test conducted in US found no traces of such chemical. David Cox, Coke's Hong Kong-based communications director for Asia, accused Sunita Narain, CSE's director, of "brand jacking" — using Coke's brand...

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