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Coaching Report Leading Through Coaching Report-Module 8 Rhondalyn J. Cornett Grand Canyon University-TCH 518 April 25, 2012 Leading Through Coaching When examining the real-world applications of collegial and peer coaching you see educators who are beginning to take control of their growth as an educator. In the past teachers depended on their administrator to tell them what they were doing correct and what they were doing incorrect in the classroom. The administrator would come in the classroom for 30-45 minutes observations looking for strengths and weakness, and not really understanding the dynamic of the classroom. The administrator will offer recommendations for the teacher, and give them strategies they will expect to see them implement in the classroom the next time they come in for an observation. In this dynamic the teacher is not taking control of responsibility of teaching, the administrator is in control her classroom. This relationship is not necessarily a relationship where the teacher feels comfortable talking to their administrator about concerns or issues they are having in their classroom. When a coach is in the picture, the educator can discuss these concerns or issues and meet with a coach and begin to develop a relationship where they can delve into solving some of these problems. The relationship with the coach offers the coachee the opportunity to self-reflect and to build a plan to address their concerns, and feel in charge of the destiny. With collegial coaching you have a chance of nonjudgmental conversational with an educational professional that emphasizes the collaborative development of instructional talents rather than the evaluation of teachers. It allows teachers a framework to discuss instructional methods and goals, highlighting the importance of reflection for professional growth and development (Dantonio, 2001).

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