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For many of us, sports are a daily part of our lives. In fact, for most people who are now involved in coaching, it may be either their first or second priority. For anyone who has chosen to undertake the task of coaching sports, that coach must have a clear and defined coaching philosophy. As was mentioned in the text and assignments for this week, if one does not have his or her philosophy defined, it will make his or her job and goals of teaching and coaching that much more difficult to obtain. Character development is a great philosophy to have, it is the one which I myself try to live and coach by, and one that personally, I feel should be adopted by more coaches. Far too often we see or hear of a coach, be it a youth coach or someone involved in professional sports, who fails to understand that while winning may be important, the number one goal should always be the well being and growth (both personally and professionally) of the members of the team. Perhaps the most recent example of this is the recent events which have and are still ongoing with the Miami Dolphins. There is currently an ongoing investigation as to whether or not bullying is being allowed or even encouraged in the locker room of the Dolphins. Of course, while this type of behavior does and most probably will continue to occur in sports, it is up to the coach and his or her staff to ensure that it does not get out of hand. While I have never personally had to deal with a situation as exaggerated as this one, I have seen firsthand how bullying can cause severe problems and rifts in a team. While coaching a group of ten year old boys in baseball, there were a few players who either through a lack of experience, or physical skills or a combination of these were not as good as the majority of the team. Of course, boys at that age will inevitably begin to recognize this and poke fun at the other

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