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Coaching Philosophy Each coach must develop his/her own coaching philosophy, or order of beliefs and ideas. When interviewing for a coaching position, the first question always comes up, "What is your coaching philosophy?". It's very important that whatever your style of coaching is, just be yourself. I mean this especially in your personality. If you are out-going, be out-going. If you are quiet, be quiet. Don't try to be like some famous coach that you idolize. Without any doubt, there may be many excellent ideas and qualities that we can or should learn from successful coaches, but combining them into your own philosophy? Whatever your style is, be agreeable with that and, without adjusting your principles, be someone that is easy to work with. As a coach, you have to communicate and deal with a lots kind of people, players, administration, faculty, parents, assistants, opposing coaches and officials, fans, etc. Everybody likes working with someone who is agreeable and easy to work with, and someone who follows the rules and is respectful of others. Coaching is teaching... teaching not only fundamentals, how to play the game, and team skills, etc., but also life skills. Be well-prepared for practices and games. Encourage players. Always be positive. Whatever your style, have a passion for the game. If you are enthusiastic, this will have effect over to your players and everyone around you. Value all the players on the team. Make the last player on in the team feel as important as the star player. This is very important in developing your team spirit. Coach is like a leader and must be organized. A disorganized coach imparts this disorganization and a poor approach to the entire program. If you are not organized, no one(including players) will not take you and your program seriously. Everything must be organized... your

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