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Coaching Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: howdyyall23
  • on March 13, 2012
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As an athlete myself, and growing up in just about every type of athletics throughout my life, there are several qualities and characteristics that make up my coaching philosophy.   Looking at the three major objectives of sport: to have a winning team, to help people have fun, and to help young people develop; physically, psychologically, and socially made me think of the greatest coaches I can think of.   These people in my mind are: John Wooden for how he exemplified greatness in the simplest form and truly cared about everyone and every detail, and Lou Holtz, for how he brought out the best in people and pushed them to heights they never thought possible.  
Achieving greatness in my mind, is not a statistic, and is a continuous, lifelong process.   What I am talking about is getting each individual to simply focus on each task at hand, each and every time to perform it as if it was their last.   By sticking to a routine, and performing each individual task for their given sport at the highest of their capability with their upmost focus requires only the strongest willed of people.   By eliminating outside influences such as pressure from parents, how the public will perceive them, and what may happen if they don’t do their job slows progression down and deviates us from performing to the best of our ability.   Overcoming adversity is a priority as a leader because I will dictate the positive attitude my players have.   If a coach could get each individual to do their best this enables the team to unite together as one piece.   By getting everyone on the same page allows them to be one.  
My personal beliefs and values that have shaped me are quite simple: my Dad taught me that I will get out of it, what I put into it, and if I was willing to eliminate fear and do everything I could to be successful then I had nothing to be ashamed of no matter what.   I believe that character is what sports really taught me because I don’t play sports for the notoriety, for the money,...

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