Coach Carter Essay

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passion, clarity of expectations, and commitment. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Coach Carter show his leadership to his team and the community. He is a very powerful and confident coach whose leadership is unlike many I have seen. Coach Carter’s passion for his team is clear throughout the film. He stays several long hours in his office mapping out strategy and expectations for his team. In addition, he is very passionate about his players succeeding not only in basketball, but also in school and life. The film Coach Carter has many management styles, the styles he uses most are Autocratic, Persuasive and Laissez faire in the film. Autocratic was used in the start of the film and at the end of the film. Persuasive was used in the middle of the film when the boys were winning. Laissez faire was used in the game basketball games. Autocratic was need and used a lot in the movie Coach Carter. In the Beginning of the film Autocratic was used because it was necessary. Coach Carter gave the boys contracts which they needed to sign if they wanted to play on his team. If they sign the contract they must obey the Rules and Regulations that the coach applied, this is Autocratic because it’s a yes or no question and there are no other options this shows he needed to use that style and how it was used. Coach Carter is Autocratic at the start of the film when he gave the boys contracts and then changed styles during the film and then used Autocratic at the end of the film when the boys took advantage of his trust when he was using the management style Laissez Faire. He was Autocratic by telling what the boys need to do to become “Champion” the boys had no say at the start of training when he just became coach they needed to do whatever he said. Coach Carter used Persuasive when Timo Cruz failed he’s task of 1000 Suicides and 2500 Push ups. Coach Carter’s
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