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Ryan Peete English 1A Ramos 1/16/13 Minorities Trials And Triumphs Based on the true story of Coach Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) and high school basketball team the Richmond Oilers, Coach Carter helps out a discouraged coach as he takes on the job as the new head coach; However, he slowly begins to apply his hard and rigorous workout routine to show the young athletes how to stretch not only the body but the mind as well. When the team and the parents cause animosity about how grades aren’t more important than basketball, Carter locks down the gym and ultimately canceling practice and games in an attempt to make the Oilers winners on and off the court and strive for a future. In the film Coach Carter, Carter although insensitive to the n-word, strives to teach young minority student athletes to respect each other, gain an education and lose their stereotypical thug personas. In the film Coach Carter the n-word is used very loosely and asserted throughout the movie by the diverse group of athletes to identify each other as brothers are friends, not knowing they are being bias, not only to themselves but to others around them as well. Timo Cruz one of the primary actors in this film has shown himself to be a lost street thug who has no aspirations in life but to play basketball and sell drugs. In the scene where Carter is introducing himself to his new basketball team he approaches the athletes in a very respectful manner which was disrespected and taunted by one of the players Timo. Timo ridicules Carter by saying: “are you some country church nigga….” (Coach Carter). Timo unaware of his disrespect he was kicked out of the gym. This particular scene shows the bias and disrespect that minority society has grown to acquire in their daily lives and racist has been inferential in society: “[M]ore widespread, common, and indeed insidious….” (Omi

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