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Background of the Industry Coach, Inc. is a leading designer, producer and marketer of classic leather goods, accessories and furniture which was a spin off of Sara Lee in the mid 1980’s These products include handbags, men’s and women’s accessories, business cases, leather outerwear, gloves, scarves, travel accessories, and personal planning products. Coach also sells home and office furniture, footwear and watches with its licensing partners. The products are sold through direct mail catalogs, on-line store, e-commerce websites, 174 retail stores and its 76 factory stores. Coach focuses on continuous improvements and anticipating the needs of consumer’s lifestyles to maintain its stronghold of the market. Key success factors for Coach as a manufacturer include product quality as well as marketing and design. Coach has an exceptionally large and loyal customer base mostly due in part to product quality. Coach takes great pride in using skilled employees, quality natural materials, exceptional leathers, and only the finest hardware. Through the years Coach has earned a reputation for producing a product that is known for its durability, craftsmanship, and incomparable product quality. In 2004 Coach added 19 new stores alone. Coach has become one of the most well recognized brands in the United States and is rapidly gaining recognition internationally, especially in Japan. Industry Profile The Apparel and Accessories Industry is very competitive because companies must find a way to constantly year after year capture market share in a market that is constantly changing to fit consumers taste. Many of the company’s that enter this market fail because they come out with a very popular style for their product on year then they rapidly expand only to have their product fall quickly out of style. The ability to keep up with changes in fashion trends and find a niche in

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