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CO323 Assessment 4 Database-Driven Web Pages with PHP and mySQL Deadline: 16:00 Tuesday, Week 24 Introduction For this assignment, you will be creating PHP scripts that access a mySQL database to produce formatted tables showing the results of SQL queries. I have created a mySQL database on named co323, with tables representing the drivers, teams and results of the 2012 Formula 1 World Championship season. Figure 1 below shows an Entity-Relationship model of the database. Figure 1: Entity-Relationship Model of CO323 Database As Figure 1 shows, the database contains Drivers and Teams tables, with a foreign key called team_id in the Drivers table. This contains the id of one of the Teams, for which he drives. There is also a Points table, which specifies how many points are awarded to drivers or teams for finishing in a given position (e.g. 25 points for 1st place, 18 for 2nd...), and a Races table which contains the details of each of the races on the Formula 1 calendar. The final table, named Results, contains three foreign keys. Each row in the Results table signifies that the specified driver finished in the specified position, in the specified race. The credentials you will need to access the database are as follows:…show more content…
I'd recommend connecting to via SSH (using PuTTy), and using the mySQL client installed there to look at, and understand, the queries before attempting to write the PHP script. I will write a demonstration PHP script that lists all of the teams in the database, and provide a copy on Moodle so that you have a template to work from. I'm happy for you to base your answers to the other tasks on this script, you won't be penalised of accused of plagiarism for doing so. You should probably have the SQL and PHP lecture slides on-hand when working on this assignment, the information you need to complete it is all in
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