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PROBLEMS ON BED DESIGN 1. Know the size of your bedroom You really need to look at your bedroom so you can determine the size of bed that can fit in it. If the room is too small, then a big bed would not be advisable since it will not leave any space for going around the room and for other furniture that you will need inside the bedroom. Your bedroom’s size will also help you choose the type of bed to get and the height of the bed and headboard as well. Take note of the bedroom’s size because when you buy a bed, it would look big or small in the area of the store where you’re getting it. To avoid guess work, write down your bedroom’s dimensions on a sheet of paper and bring that with you when you get a bed. 2. Determine the budget As always, your budget will always matter because without your money, you will not be able to get a bed. Also, your efforts in choosing a bed will be worthless if you don’t even know how much you are actually allocating for one. So, when you choose a bed, see to it that it doesn’t just fit your taste and your bedroom but it has to be within the limits of your budget. 3. Check the function of the bed Decide if you wanted to use your bed for other purpose aside from being a comfortable area to sleep on. You might need an underbed storage to keep your things and save space. Or it can also have a sofa connected into it which can be kept when not used. There are so many ways you have achieve a bed with multi-function. You can also get it with built-in nightstands and shelves. You can even have a customized bed that would fit your needs. 4. Look into the height of the bed Some beds are too low while some are high. Low beds are quite hard to clean under it due to its height. High beds are those beds that would require a step stool so you can get into it. Well, look into your condition if you could use this type of bed.

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