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Cherry Juliana Sudartono Sudartono, 1. HUM 101.1359 Professor Hamilton Concert Report #2 Manhattan School of Music Brass Chamber Music Various Artists Trio in Five Movements by Daniel Schnyder Trio for Bass Instruments by Charles Wuorinen Daniel Schnyder is known as a composer/performer with a dynamic reputation in both jazz and classical fields. He was born 1961 in Zurich, Switzerland and lives in New York City. His orchestral works and his chamber music compositions have been performed and recorded all over the world. He writes orchestral variations on themes by non classical music icons like the Rolling Stones, Duke Ellington or Jimi Hendrix, picking up on a 19th century tradition designing whole programs for orchestras outside the mainstream concert format - as played by the Calgary Symphony, the Absolute Ensemble, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Together with Ingo Goritzki he is leading the Stuttgart Crossover Academy and gives masterclasses in composition, chamber music and creative solutions and ideas in classical music and jazz. Charles Wuorinen is an American composer. He was born June 9 1938 in New York City. Being a co-founder of the Group for Contemporary Music, Wuorinen writes serial instrumental music. Some of his pieces are influenced by fractal geometry and Benoit Mandelbrot, while his later works feature some tonal relationships. In 1970, Wuorinen was the youngest composer ever to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music for Time's Encomium. He is also the author of Simple Composition, ISBN 0938856065, which he says is, "written by a composer and is addressed to other composers - intending or actual, amateur or professional. Thus it is similar in intent to certain older books on the subject like Thomas Morley's "A Plain and Easie Introduction to Practical Musicke" (1597), for instance...It outlines present practice, and while it

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