Cnc Grinding Machine Analysis

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CNC Grinding Machine Purchase Contract: A) Work Description, Purchase of grinding machine to be used in all the 5 axis CNC controlled drills, milling cutters, reamers needed for the Ford Otosan Inonu factory. B) Technical Compatibility, B-1) The machine shall be CNC controlled and feature at least 5 axes. B-2) The continuous power of the grindstone spindle shall be at least 5 kW. B-3) The gear length to be grinded shall be 270 mm or longer. B-4) The gear diameter to be grinded shall be 200 mm or longer. B-5) Tolerances (resolution) of the longitudinal axis (X-Y-Z) shall be 0.0003 mm or less. B-6) Tolerances (resolution) of the circular axis (A-B) shall be 0.001 degree mm or less. B-7) Glass ruler is not demanded. However, if it…show more content…
• There must be an input voltage control and break unit connected to Main Input Supply switch. • Main switch of the machine must be able to be locked with a padlock when the machine is off. In this position, machine must be disabled to be powered by no means. • The panels shall be manufactured with 2 mm thick smooth surface sheet metals on a free erect system. • After the sheet metal is cleaned, it must be painted with epoxy-polyester, electrostatic powder paint. • Inner panel must be jacketed and the jacket must be manufactured by galvanized sheet. • Insulation of the electrical panel must be in compliance with IP54 standard. Panel coolers must be selected so that they wouldn't blow the ambient air inside the panel. There must be a device, indicating the panel temperature, placed over the operator panel or the panelboard. There must be placed a circuit preventing the machine to operate when the temperature inside the panel exceeds 45 degrees. The cable entries inside the panel must be placed in a manner that it will not prevent the insulation of the panel from the external…show more content…
The machine must be manufactured in a manner that while the required indicator lights, control switches and gauges will be placed on the panel cover; equipment like circuit breakers, switches, contactors, etc. inside the panels. • Motor supply cables used inside the panel must be selected in a manner that they will not heat up inside the panel with a proper section. • The live parts must be insulated against touching. • The cable channels must not be over-packed with cables and must be covered with lids. • Neutral and ground bus must be located horizontally at the bottom of the panel. While the neutral bus must be blue; the earth bus green+yellow. • While the 220 VAC cables utilized in the panels must be red, 24 VDC cables blue; the ground cables must be yellow-green. • An insulation transformer must be utilized in the panel for the control circuit. • All the devices like the circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, motor guards, terminals, etc. must be coded with the numbers specified in the

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