Cmmi Essay

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What is CMMI? CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. Some would say that CMMI is a model with multiple representations, while others would describe as a set of models. All agree, however on the fact that this is a merger of the of abundance models for process improvement for systems engineering and software created over the years. One objective of CMMI is to provide a common vocabulary through a set of models and to provide clarification of their interrelationships. Representations of the CMMI model There are two different representations of CMMI: the staged representation and representation continues. The first one focuses on the improvement in the ability to function in terms of mature development process. This ability is represented in five levels (or stages) of maturity (initial, managed, defined, managed qualitatively optimized). Each maturity level consists of several process areas or groups of practices performed collectively to achieve a specific objective. So if a level, an organization that has adhoc processes (unmanaged), level 2 of maturity, this organization focuses on improving management problems that affect the effectiveness of the project on a daily basis. It is therefore developing a basic project management, including requirements management, project planning, ,management of supplier relationships, metrics and analysis, quality assurance of products and processes, configuration management. 2 At Level 3, best practices and lessons learned from previous projects have bouillon beyond each project team, the point of creating an organizational identity. Why use the CMMI? By implementing CMMI in their organizations, the various actors in the model are a help, guidance and ideas on systems engineering, software, development team Contrary to what one sometimes hears, CMMI does not provide a set
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