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Armstrong, Michael - A handbook of human resource management practice 2003 Pedler, Mike; et al - A manager's guide to self-development 2006 Dyson, J. R - Accounting for non-accounting students 2003 Stredwick, John - An introduction to human resource management 2005 Armstrong, Michael - Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice 2010 Kew, John and Stredwick, John - Business environment - managing in a strategic context 2005 Rogers, Jenny - Coaching skills : a handbook 2004 Abercrombie, N; et al - Contemporary British society 2000(2002) Mayo, Andrew - Creating a training and development strategy 1998(2001) Jennings, David and Wattam, Stuart - Decision making - an integrated approach 1998 Siddons, Suzy - Delivering training 1997 Schank, Roger C. - Designing world class e-learning 2002 Pont, Tony -Developing effective training skills 1996 Adair, John - Effective leadership: how to be a successful leader 2009 Segerman-Peck, Lily M - Essentials of: using your mentor wisely 2000 Bramley, Peter - Evaluating training 1996(2001) Clutterbuck, David - Everyone needs a mentor - fostering talent at work 2001 Institute of Management and Billsberry, Jon - Finding and keeping the right people - how to recruit motivated employees 2000 Institute of Management; Morris, Steve; Willcocks, Graham and Knasel, Eddy - How to lead a winning team - realise your full potential and develop your leadership skills 2000 Boydell, Tom and Leary, Malcolm - Identifying training needs 1996(2001) Cranwell-Ward, Inspiring leadership - staying afloat in turbulent times 2002 Bee, Frances and Bee, Roland - Learning needs analysis and evaluation 2003 McCreadie, Karen - Low-budget marketing for rookies 2009 Mullins, Laurie J - Management & Organisational Behaviour 9th ed 2010 Institute of

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