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[pic] Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Management and Leadership Diploma Conducting a management project 5006 10th December 2012 Word Count: 2505 Level 5 Management and Leadership Diploma Conducting a management project – 5006 Introduction A project can be defined as ‘A temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed business case’ (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, 2009). Buttrick (2000) states a project compromises a defined scope (deliverables) to be delivered in an agreed timescale at an agreed cost. These must be combined in such a way to ensure that the project is always viable and will deliver the expected benefits. If any of these falls outside the area of benefit viability, the others should be changed to bring the project back on target. If this cannot be done the project should be terminated. 1. State the project title and describe the background The project title is implementation of a Temporary Minor Injury Unit (TMIU) in Gloucestershire. The rationale for introduction of a TMIU within the Gloucestershire Sector of GWAS was highlighted and discussed during various local Operations Managers meetings. It was thought that many of the cases that attend both of the DGH’s within the county (Gloucestershire Royal Hospital [GRH] and Cheltenham General Hospital [CGH]) during weekend evenings were of a minor nature and, quite often, alcohol related incidents. These incidents included injuries such as minor falls resulting in facial and peripheral limb lacerations, hypoglycaemic attacks (often due to alcohol consumption) and general illnesses. These are all incidents that were deemed suitable to be treated in a minor injury unit setting by an appropriately skilled clinician (such as an
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