Cmgt442 Security Monitoring Paper

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Security Monitoring Thomas Garcia CMGT442 February 24, 2014 JAMES SUMMERLIN Security Monitoring When company is establishing a new location or network they will want to take into considerations how to monitor the company’s security. One of the first steps in security monitoring is would be to ensure the internal systems are well monitored. This would include but not limited to the payroll systems, inventory tracking system, HR, general ledger and other internal systems. The other systems that will need to be monitored are the e-commerce system that allow customer to make purchases online and the marketing system. The internal systems are the first systems that should be monitored. One of the major systems that should be monitored…show more content…
This will also make sure that the site is in compliance with all federal regulations and HIPPA regulations. For the user login they system will requires all user to change their password every 90 day. The users will not be allowed to use the same password over until they have used 4 other ones first. The password will require the user to have at least 1 capitol letter 1 lowercase letter and one number. This will ensure that the user have a secure log in credentials. So again the company when implementing the new site will set in place the security features such as Alertsite, a secure site with a valid security certificate. The company will maintain internal security by installing an enterprise virus protection software. They will also be monitoring the employees systems to ensure that the employees that needed network security training receive it and that they stay away from unsecure sites that can potentially cause harm to the system. As long as the company follows these steps they will have a secure system and less like to become
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