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Quality Control Tools Jerry Jones CMGT/575 May 11, 2015 Nancy Mingus Quality Control Tools Dealing with an individual IT project the only quality tool that would be effective that are listed would be the Cause-and-Effect diagram or “Fishbone” diagram tool. The Pareto Chart and Control Chart are more geared to finding procedural changes and corrections in multiple projects or project that are very long which hopefully most IT projects are not. The other misconception about Cause-and-Effect diagrams is they are not always suitable for all issues that a project might have. I have yet to find any single tool or group of “Quality Control Tools” that can actually drive perfect quality in any single project, they are all used to find issues…show more content…
Check lists are one of the basic seven quality tools used in projects (Bersbach, How to build a good Check Sheet, 2012). There are so many different types and forms for these lists they are often not thought of as lists (Bersbach, The Seven Basic Quality Control Tools, 2011). I have used lists many times to both ensure items for a project were finished and that they were checked and finished properly. I spent a lot of time debating with myself over the topic of this paper to find that my thoughts on the issues for multiple past projects could be defined and refined by using control and Pareto diagrams along with some of the other seven tools that really were not mentioned in this course to any degree. Single project however, do not require the depth that these other tools use for the project itself. Finding quality and procedural issues however, these tools work very well for and is what they were actually meant to help…show more content…
The use of check lists is probably the most commonly used form of these methods even if they are not always considered check lists. A project manager has to determine what works best for their teams. Quality control is very important but when not taken to what type of quality is really trying to be controlled the tools can be more harmful than good. References Bersbach, P. (2011, November 26). The Seven Basic Quality Control Tools. Retrieved from Bersbach Consulting: Bersbach, P. (2012, March 5). How to build a good Check Sheet. Retrieved from Bersbach Consulting: Dhandapani, D. (2004, June 21). Applying the Fishbone diagram and Pareto principle to Domino. Retrieved from IBM developerWorks: Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram . (n.d.). Retrieved from ASQ:

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