Cmgt 444 Implementation Plan

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Implementation Plan CMGT 445 February 2, 2015 Implementation Plan Implementation plan for the Boston Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). This project will be the development of a Microsoft Office Access database for the purpose of tracking user information, requests for access, and regulated information awareness training. The project is the Boston MEPS User Tracking System. Project Stakeholders The project stakeholder will included The Boston MEPS Commander Walter Sacks, Executive Officer (XO) Gary Hills, Information Technology Specialist (ITS) Eric San Soucie, service liaison from the supported services, and the employees of the Boston MEPS. This information will also be helpful to the Eastern Sector Command and the United States…show more content…
Tracking this information ensures the Command is incompliance with regulation and all required training is current for the assigned users. The return on investment is that the Command remains incompliance with regulatory guidance. The Boston MEPS ITS has agreed to create and manage the database, which will cost the Boston MEPS nothing, but the additional man-hours used to create the database. Project Scope The scope of the project will be the creation of a database that collects information on users and required training. Considered outside the scope of the project is connecting the database to any user information that requires Common Access Card (CAC) authentication. The project main deliverable will be a working Microsoft Office Access Database that has the ability to email users and request the user to send certificates electronically to the ITS. This project will create a useable database that can be updated and used by the ITS and it will track all training required by regulation send email reminders to users when training requirements are
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