Cmgt 441 Mcbride Online Loan Application Security Policy

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McBride Online Loan Application Security Policy Security Policy for Online Loan Applications I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees of the loan department who handle online applications keep all personally identifiable information as well as all confidential information related to the applicant, the application, and the loan remain inaccessible to unauthorized parties. The intent is to prevent the compromise of confidential information willful or accidental. To this end, this policy will clarify all aspects, methods, and actions that constitute a breach of trust in direct relation to the operation of processing online loan applications. II. Definitions 1. All operations and procedures directly related to the receiving and processing of online loan applications will be conducted in a secure designated workspace called and labeled the Online Loan Application Processing office or OLAP. 2. As any transfer of data to a physical medium that can be carried outside of the OLAP will be prohibited, physical medium will be defined as portable devices of data and information storage. By such definition, physical medium will include items like USB flash drives, any cameras, recordable CDs and DVDs, voice recorders, personal cell phones, and any writing platforms including notebooks and sheets of paper. 3. As communication of confidential information by telephone to unauthorized parties will also be handled as a breach of trust, all telephone communication initiated from and received in the OLAP will be recorded for security purposes as well as educational purposes. Telephone communication by VoIP in the OLAP is necessary for the employees to act as live customer service representatives for customers seeking assistance while applying online. 4. Internet access through the OLAP computers is strictly for business use. Access to all major
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