Cmgt 410 Week 1 Individual

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Attn: Management and Stakeholders Purpose of Proposal New Platform and Companywide Compliance System Project Description Based on the company expansion, it’s important to combine our business information systems into an easy to use and more efficient database system. First we need to come up with a process that will work within the company. We will use an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. This will basically manage and integrate the important parts of the business. An ERP management information system integrates all the common areas like purchasing, inventory, sales, human resources, and marketing. Project Stakeholders The success of a project and the positive effects it has on a company is solely dependent on stakeholder management. Stakeholder Management is an important discipline that successful people use to win support from others. It helps them ensure that their projects succeed where others fail. Managers are required to work a minimum of 10 hours on the new platform as well as a host of new compliance policies. The new platform is being created so that it can be used seamlessly throughout the entire company. Project Objectives The ERP software system will be integrated into the business companywide. ERP will combine, organize, and maintain the data necessary for operations. “We will be able to merge each of the company’s key operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, financial, human resources, and customer relations departments, into one software system. This system will become the heart of our operations and the backbone of the organization. The new compliance system will divide into three levels: prevent, detect, and respond. These action levels cover a complete system of activities by which we intend to guarantee that our business is completely in agreement with all applicable laws and regulations as well as with our
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