Cmgt 410 -Project Proposal Essay

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Week 2 Individual: Project T CMGT/410 18 August 2014 MEMORANDUM TO: All Branch Managers FROM: Corporate Office DATE: April 1, 2014 SUBJECT: Project Proposal Executive Summary The Web Portal System (WPS) is the new employee web portal system that will allow employees to securely login into the corporate office when working from home. The portal system will be available to every employee who works from home to check corporate email, remote into office desktop, utilize the training website, and attend meetings virtually. This will make the company technology efficient and allow the company to continue to grow with the technological society in which we live in today. This will allow the best use of employees’ time who works from home in order to continue productivity for the company. Also these employees will not have to worry about traveling to work for a meeting. By installing a new organization web portal means educating and familiarizing employees with this new product system. A smooth implementation of Web Portal System will require additional training for all managers, employees who work from home or approved employees who can work from home. The training will familiarize the managers and employees with this WPS. The managers will have to complete two weeks of training in San Diego, California and Hong Kong, China. These are two of the centralize offices where the training will occur. These offices also have the most managers who manage employees who work from home. Stakeholder Direct Stakeholders: All Branch managers will be required to attend, two 5 days of training in San Diego, California and in Hong Kong, China to learn the new platform and share the new information with employees in their branch office. Indirect Stakeholders: Branch Office employees will be without their managers during these weeks of training. Any
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