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Cmgt 410 Project Budget Essay

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CMGT 410

Project Budget Memo
Attn: Overflow, LLC Management & Stakeholders
Date: 25 November 2013
Subject:   Offsite Training Session Budget
I would like to propose a budget for the two day training for Overflow, LLC that will commence on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 9:00 am and conclude on Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 6:00 pm.   This budget will include and foreseeable milestones, the timeline for the budget and how it relates to the necessary resources. With management and stakeholders knowing this information it will allow for proper planning throughout the project.
There are many resources that will be utilized during this two day training. The most important is going to be the hardware and software that will be needed to conduct the training.   We will need enough computers to accommodate all of the trainers and trainees. Computer hardware and software are long term investment for Overflow, LLC and these items will be utilized by the company after the training is complete. The estimated cost of hardware and software will be $25,000.00. We have decided to include the IT team from Overflow, LLC in the overall expenses for the hardware and software.
It is important that the IT portion is in progress prior to moving forward with any area of the project considering that this is the bulk of the training. After the IT information is in place we will need to examine the travel expenses for each of the managers that will be traveling to the training location. The estimated cost for the airfare is $10,000.00 which includes basic accommodations from the airport to the hotel. The hotel estimate is $15,000.00 which includes a continental breakfast provided by the hotel. The meal expense for the training includes snacks, brunch and dinner. This expense is estimated to cost $6000.00.
As the hotel reservations are being secured the location of the actual training will be reserved in the same location which is the Marriott Hotel downtown....

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