Cmgt 400 (Intro to Information Assurance & Security)Entire Class Essay

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CMGT 400 (Intro to Information Assurance & Security)Entire Class Purchase here Product Description CMGT 400 Week 1 Week 1 Individual Assignment Risky Situation Complete the UniversityMaterial: Risky Situations table found on your student website. List three types of sensitive information involved with each situation. Identify three ways each information item could be misused or harmed.Answer the questions at the end of the table. CMGT 400 Week 1 Team Assignment Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report - System Review Kudler Fine Foods is in the process of developing a customer loyalty program and related system to give rewards to their customers based on their purchases and other relevant information. Your team has been asked to direct the development team in what they must do to ensure the system is developed in a secure manner and that it properly protects company and customer information at all stages of development Each week, the team prepares different portions of the final paper and presentation, which recommends exactly what the development team should do at each step of the development process including any related policy, training, and ongoing IT audit elements. Review the material for Kudler Fine Foods in the Virtual Organizations. Familiarize yourself with the company and its systems, and identify the specific systems or areas where your team thinks information security is particularly needed. You do not need to analyze for specific threats; that will be done later. Simply identify those areas and systems where security is warranted. Submit a memo to Kudler’s leadership that outlines your team’s findings about areas in which the Kudler system should have IT security measures DQ 1 What is the mindset required to
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