Cmgt - 400 Common Information Security Threats Essay

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Individual: Common Information Security Threats Zack Wesley CMGT - 400 Individual: Common Information Security Threats Organization’s today feature greater threats in all different forms than ever before. The organization that I want to talk about and focus on is Microsoft. Microsoft faces many different kinds of threats but there are three that stand out the most to this software giant’s infrastructure. Malicious security attacks, employees and outside attackers. Each of these contributes to holes in the security, bugs and errors and disruption of business practices. The potential risks posed to the organization vary by each of these threats. For malicious security attacks the risks are high. Malicious security attacks pose a direct risk to the everyday processes of an organization. Malicious attacks can be brought on by disgruntled employees that want to get back at the organization by disrupting the flow of operation which causes financial loss for the company. There attacks can damage security systems immobilizing the networks for days while security teams try to get the system repaired and back to operation. All kinds of data are vulnerable to these types of attacks because they happen within an organization by people that have access to the credentials required to perform malicious attacks. The potential risks for employee negligence can be high too as small employee mistakes can lead to bigger problems down the road. According to Benson (2012), “Users, data entry clerks, system operators, and programmers frequently make unintentional errors that contribute to security problems, directly and indirectly” (Christopher Benson, 2012). These small errors and bugs can lead to bigger vulnerabilities that can create holes in the security of an organization. Once an attacker finds these vulnerabilities in the code of the organization they can implement
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