Cm220 Unit 6 Seminar Alternative Assignment

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Unit 6 Seminar Assignment FAITH N. HUNTER College Composition II CM220-38 Prof: Julie O'Connor-Colvin June 18, 2015 Unit 6 Seminar We went over the Unit 6 course expectations. Focusing on what to do this week. We talked about APA format and citation. We will talk about plagiarism. Unit 6 work that is due is the quiz, seminar & assignment. Options on discussions. We have one assignment that is 100 points. Each week the point value goes up. Annotative bibliography will be discussed. We will build upon the essay we have been working on and focus on locating secondary sources. It needs to support or dispute our thesis statement. The discussion board should be how we found the source and why we used it. Paraphrase – Borrowing ideas and putting them into your own words. Use in text citation. Copying and pasting the original source. Bibliography is a list of sources used. It is similar to the references except an annotated bibliography has notes. For this assignment, we need to locate 4 sources where at least one source should be an opposing view point. Assignment should include thesis, 4 sources such as eBook, periodical, internet source, video or audio talk & source of materials where the author is the original researcher. Each source should be a complete paragraph with summarization, evaluation and how it helps with your cause. In the sample, the red font is the summary, the blue is evaluation and the green is how we are using it in the essay. Took a field trip to unit 6 assignment on the student site and read the rubric of the unit 6 assignment. Students were asked to name 2 things to work on based on the rubric. I will work on proper citation and annotation of my sources and grammar check. Students were also asked to comment on the sample unit 6 assignment and comment on the strength or weakness of the thesis.

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