Clyde Butcher - A Black & White Photographer

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Clyde Butcher is an amazing photographer, conservationist, and more. He only takes photographs in black and white. He has two studios. One is located in Venice, Florida and the other studio is located in the Big Cypress National Preserve. He does tours of the Everglades as well (Milford page 1). One photographer that earlier influenced Butcher was Ansel Adams and he conserved the West with his photography. All of Butcher's works are silver gelatin prints. The camera that he uses most often is a camera from back in the Civil War days and this particular type of camera is more difficult because he can only take one photograph and then he has to change the roll (Braga page 1). Most photography was not considered as art and black and white photography was less accepted as art than color photography (Santich Page 3). Butcher was a graduate from California Polytechnic University in the 1960's. He had a degree in architecture and could not draw his designs very well. Instead he would make a three-dimensional model and then photograph it. He started up a business using this technique and it was not very profitable (Engel Page 1). Butcher, His wife Niki, and their children lived in a camper trailer at various campgrounds and would take cold baths at campsites. He started taking more and more photographs and developing them and he would take his works to art shows and sell them (Engel Page 2). Butcher and two others founded a commercial photography business that mainly took color pictures for department stores (Engel Page 2). The company was doing very well and and was based out of Los Angeles, California. Butcher and his wife realized their family was disintegrating because of how busy they were with the business and business issues and so the family sold the business and moved to Newport Beach California. There the family lived aboard a boat and Butcher soon realized

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