Club Chao Essay

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Case study: Club Chaos The main organizational problem affecting Club Chaos was the poor management and leadership. The senior managers failed to implement policies and procedures for good work environment to encourage hard work and efficiency. Cathy displayed exceptional management potential for well run department, but she resigned without attempts to retain her or understand the reasons. There were lack of organizational goals, improper recruiting system based on nepotism especially with management appointments, No formal training/education, no performance evaluation/appraisal system, no customer service/satisfaction, poor management tactics to run business and no promotion, loyalty or sense of worth or value of employees. The managers didn’t follow any organizational behaviour. They were constantly hassling chefs and cooks to improve kitchen performance and provide better quality, but not increasing their training and resources, not punishing poor behaviour like theft, horse playing around kitchen. Rocco used negative reinforcement tactic, i.e. punishment to stop theft problem lately as an unacceptable behaviour. By this time the employees were far too gone and management had no real authoritative power within the facility and the threats had absolutely no affect. The key to turning this situation around is a well tuned management plan. The first step for this company is to start from the high level positions and work down to the employees to really shake things up. If the managers are not fired, they need to have an "outside" figure come in and take over the company to help steer it in the right direction. Learning theory principles would be very useful in such situation attempting to reorganize an organization, providing training for different personalities and learning styles, assessments, surveys etc. The use of positive reinforcements, i.e.
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