Cls 305 Early Christianity Essay

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CLS 305/Ancient Christianity 1 course unit (same as HIS 305 and REL 305) (occasionally) Course focusing on the emergence of early Christianities during the first four centuries of the Common Era, in the Roman Empire and surrounding areas. The course will take into account the philosophical, political, cultural, and religious interactions (conflicts and differences within emerging communities) which challenged Christian groups and gradually shaped the Catholic Orthodox faith. Beliefs, ritual practices, scriptures, and structures of authority will be examined. We will also address issues of anti-Jewish sentiment, issues involving the theological understanding and role of women, and the role of violence in these developments. CLS…show more content…
Students will also be introduced to questions of production and trade, as well as the religious, political, and social roles of Greek art. Different archaeological theories and interpretations and their relationship to Greek art and architecture will also be included. Slide lectures, museum trips, and critical and theoretical texts will be used to illustrate and illuminate the meanings and purposes of Greek art and architecture of this important period. CSL 322/The Art of Rome 1 course unit (same as AAH 302) (occasionally) The course will deal with major monuments of Roman architecture, painting, sculpture, and minor arts. The emphasis will be on developments in Rome, Pompeii, and central Italy. Monuments of art and architecture of the European, Eastern, and African provinces of the empire will also be included. Major themes will include the development of Rome from a primitive village to a world capital; the revolution in architectural form made possible by the Roman use of concrete and of arch and vault construction; Pompeian and Roman wall painting; Roman portrait and historical relief sculpture; and the political and social roles of Roman art. CLS 325/Sex and Gender in Greco-Roman Antiquity
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