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CLRP Who is authorized to receive CLRP? Chaplains What is the period of contract time? 3 years How many periods can he contract for? 4 What is the dollar value? $6,666.66/year for 3 years = $20,000 What if he has less than $20,000? 33.33%; Law says no more than 50% first year Can a chaplain contract for CLRP after already being in the service? Yes! It’s not an accession incentive What types of loans can be paid? Federal loans on graduate level SLRP What DODi covers this? 1205.21 Law? Ch 1609 Title 10 Sec 16301 Can we pay private loans? Yes, according to Law, DODi, and DA Most common loans? Stafford, consolidated, perkins, federal direct Min. AFQT 50 for NPS How many times can you contract SLRP? Once. See AR 135-7 Min dispersed loans? 1…show more content…
Current year minus five (for a total of six years) HPLRP By law, what is the max amount of HPLRP that can be offered? $60,000 annually Within an HPLRP contract, can they add loans after the date of contract? NO Same amount for every AOC? No Private loans repaid? Yes Who reviews HPLRP CN requests? AMEDD NGB team (not PEC) What law covers HPLRP? Title 10 Ch 1609 Sec 16302 What AR? 135-7 Defaulted loans on date of contract can never be paid Who is responsible for good standing loans? SM How many years must SM serve before loans can be paid? 1 year SLRP MCN: S PS: P NPS:

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