Clown Punk Commentary

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“Clown punk” commentary By João Guimarães The poem “clown punk” basically describes different aspects of this punk who has his/her body fully covered with tattoos. By reading the poem, it can be easily noticed the narrator’s critical position towards this person through his pejorative portrayal of him/her. We are able to identify the narrator’s negative view of the person at the first stanza in which he states that he/she is “like a basket of washing that got up and walked”. Through this simile, the narrator pictures this person as a filthy man/women by comparing him to a basket of dirty clothes. Also, on the second stanza the poetic voice alerts the reader to “don’t laugh”, implying that a person like this would be a target for mocks and jokes. Furthermore, the “clown punk” is also portrayed as a depressed individual since the narrator mentions his/her “deflated face and shrunken scalp” covered with “sad tattoos”. These powerful adjectives cause the reader to imagine a humiliated and repressed person who is slowly being killed by the several problems facing his life. Another verse which causes a great effect on the reader is when it mentions “think what he’ll look like in thirty years time”, followed by a dash which is used as a pause on the poem for the audience to imagine their own image of this clown punk in the future. Moreover, by stating how the kids “wince and scream” once they are faced with this person, the poetic voice shows how he is someone who people should be feared of. My view of this poem is that the poetic voice is describing someone who is excluded from society mainly due to his appearance. The narrator is used to represent the critical side of society and its views towards this punk by clearly describing him/her in a pejorative tone. Also, I think that by describing the tattoos as “indelible ink” the poetic voice is emphasizing the fact
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