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Tim Winton’s novel “Cloudstreet” explores the polarity of ideologies of the integration of two quintessentially Australian Families the Lambs and the Pickles over a vast period of time. A complex fabric of ideas and philosophies are woven in Winton’s text while Enright and Monjo’s play is almost a skeleton of the aforementioned text. The Lambs and the Pickles are opposites in every way – divided by the physical wall and the spiritual wall however both play and novel explore the coming together of these two families and their final reconciliation. The contrast in the ideologies of the Pickles and Lamb families and breaking down of barriers, can be seen through the interaction of the characters, particularly Lester Lamb and Sam Pickles. One of the first significant interactions occurring between the Pickles and the Lambs is the conversation between Sam and Lester which appears early in the text. Despite having lived in the same house for quite some time, the two men have had minimal contact and this is their first genuine exchange. Both the play and the novel depict this as their first conversation and it is shown to be a civil conversation. In the novel whilst the differences in the two men’s ideologies becomes clear, there is a burgeoning respect between the two men as “Sam sees the look of respect come onto Lester’s face” following a conversation they have about work and life . They become more familiar with each other as they have a laugh and begin to open up, a breakthrough in their relationship occurring, as it develops from a landlord/tenant relationship to the beginnings of a friendship; Lester even asking Sam to call him “Lest”. In the play this growing respect is not evident and both the physical and emotional boundaries between the two families are still firmly in place. The novel provides extensive detail as Winton uses internal focalisations offering

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