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INTRODUCTION: Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. Cloud services allow individuals and businesses to use software and hardware that are managed by third parties at remote locations. Examples of cloud services include online file storage, social networking sites, webmail and online business applications. The cloud computing model allows access to information and computer resources from anywhere that a network connection is available. Cloud computing provides a shared pool of resources, including data storage space, networks, computer processing power, and specialized corporate and user applications. The characteristics of cloud computing include on-demand self service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. On-demand self service means that customers can request and managing their own computing resources. The main enabling technology for cloud computing is virtualization. Virtualization generalizes the physical infrastructure, which is the most rigid component, and makes it available as a soft component that is easy to use and manage. HISTORY: Cloud computing has found it roots back in 1950’s which was earlier operated as client terminal operator. In the 1990’s telecommunication companies who provided point-to -point dedicated data circuits began offering VPN which marked the existence of cloud computing. The present availability of high-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices as well as the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization has seen growth in cloud computing. THE NUMBER GAME: * Small and Midsize Businesses are prime early Cloud adopters and given that 95% of European businesses are SMBs, Europe is strongly positioned to take the lead in Cloud adoption. * Cloud computing could create approximately 400,000 SMBs in Europe as well as potentially add between

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