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Cloud Computing: It's Okay Essay

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Steering Clear of Trouble By Understanding Choices
in Cloud Computing

Written By:   Larry Smith
INF 200:   Computer Literacy


What is Cloud Computing?
Illustration of Cloud Computing
Delivery and Service Types
Summary of Features and Standards
Dangers in Cloud Computing

This paper will seek to defend the adoption of cloud computing. The objective of this analysis is to present data about cloud computing that will assist those concerned in this technology by making it easier for them to make well-informed decisions. Consumers must develop familiarity of the expectations of cloud computing, that if looked at accurately, will show whether the acceptance of cloud computing services will be an achievement for them, personally or for business.
I will define, in the simplest terms available, what cloud computing is by statement and illustration.   My paper will seek to simplify what is inside the cloud and what is outside the cloud; how these delivery and service modes enhance your experience with technology and the world.   I will summarize some features and standards to look for in cloud computing.
Finally, this paper will look at dangers in cloud computing and what the future holds for us.   In conclusion I will show my defense for the adoption of cloud computing in our ever-changing and growing technological world.
As little as five years ago when I thought of or heard someone talking about the cloud/s, I would imagine beautiful blue skies full of white fluffy clouds, or I might think of impending storms and dark clouds that were frightening.   Occasionally, when in a good humor and being blonde, I might think of someone walking around with their head in the clouds as a reference to not really being a part of reality.   It is funny what our minds can conjure up.
When I think of the...

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