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Cloud Computing Case 2 Essay

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A - Discuss cloud computing and give four different understanding of cloud computing.
    what is a cloud computing?, well as you would expect you could ask five different people and get five different answers but one of the more succinct definitions that I have heard is from the analyst firm Forrester Research. They define cloud computing as “a standardised IT capability (services, software or infrastructure) delivered via internet technologies in a pay-per-use, self-service way”.

    Now definitions are great, but in this case I believe the easiest way to describe a cloud environment is to simply define the characteristics of how it operates:

    Dynamic – one of the keys to cloud computing is on-demand provisioning

    Massively Scalable – The service must react immediately to your needs

    Multi-tenant – cloud computing, by its nature, delivers shared services

    Self-service – As a user, you can use the service as often as you require

    Per-usage based pricing – You should only ever pay for the amount of service you use

    IP-based architecture – cloud architectures are based on virtualised, internet based technologies

    Over the past couple of years, efforts have been made to define the different types of cloud computing environments that are available and how they should be used by different ‘cloud consumers’:

    Public Cloud – available to the general public or large industry group and is owned by an organisation selling cloud services

    Community Cloud – shared by several organisations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns

    Private Cloud – operated solely for an organisation or company

    Hybrid Cloud – combination of two of the above, they remain unique entities but are bound together by standardised technologies

    B-   What are the advantages cloud computing and how can business benefit from it? Explain with example(s).

    Lower power consumption requirements, as in-house...

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