Cloud Computing Essay

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In today’s rapidly growing technology world, an important controversy arises between the choices of implementing either cloud computing or on site technology infrastructures. Developing information system technologies are going to impact organizations and create more efficient and effective ways to complete tasks. Cloud computing is defined as “a computing resource deployment and procurement model that enables an organization to obtain its computing resources and application from any location via an Internet connection” (Chan et. al, 2012). Prior to the 1990s, cloud computing did not exist because of the lack of bandwidth. Cloud computing has emerged since then and many companies today are faced with the decision of whether or not to transition to cloud computing. There are benefits of cloud computing that are making the transition for organizations advantageous. Contrastingly, there are concerns and risks for cloud computing’s reliability and security measures. There are risk management tools available to organizations to ensure cloud computing success. As more companies transition to a cloud environment, the new way of computing will impact jobs for many professionals including accounting and IT. The adaption of cloud computing in today’s organizations includes benefits, risks, and management tools associated with cloud computing. What exactly is a cloud? A cloud can simply be explained as a data center’s hardware and software. According to Chan (2012), there are four types of cloud deployment models. One type is the public cloud that is available to the general public and can also be referred to as utility computing. Public clouds are free of charge or paid for on a pay as you go system. Private clouds are not free, nor available to the public. Private clouds are exclusive internal data centers for organizations and can be accessed off the premises of the

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