Cloud Computing Essay

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Business case: Accessing R-Language through the cloud 20th January 2011 Authors: • AaeashaGhubash • Mariam Al Maskari • Nehal Al Hemeiri Course details: • Section: 04B1IMG11 • Course code: ITEC-N459 (Project Management) • Instructor: Lydia Rock Outline Business goals Background Current scenario Project rationale Project scope Project stakeholders Project cost Risk scope management List of References Table of Contents Outline 2 Table of Contents 3 Project Background 4 Project purpose 6 Project sponsor 6 Project location 7 Project duration 7 Project team 8 Project Responsibilities 8 Projected costs 11 Projected revenues 13 Risk scope management 15 Organizational structure 18 Organizational Boundaries and Interfaces 18 Project Responsibilities 19 Detailed Project Products 25 Project team and Gantt Chart 25 Work breakdown structure 26 Network/precedence diagram 27 Product Breakdown structure 28 References 29 Project Background The project is created to bring efficiency in the statistical computing (Joseph, 2003). The project will be done in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi. The reason behind this project is the fact that many countries in the UAE lack the capital and the expertise to sponsor their students and researchers to developed countries and that they learn the statistical calculations. These calculations are run in powerful machines. The company was formed to fill the gap between these disparate motives. With this company, students and researchers are now able to work on statistical data which could have been very expensive if they would seek otherwise (Young-Hoon Kwak, 2005).

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