Cloud Computing Essay

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Nina Marone January 18, 2015 IT / 205 Cloud computing is a system that has a server that is not local. It is hosted by the internet and used as a server to store information. Cloud computing will affect all aspects of your business. A lot of society is on the internet and it is a great way to sale your product along with you can engage youIt will also affect how the your IT services are managed and serviced. One of the benefits of cloud computing is its cost effectiveness. The ease of having all of your information in one contained area that is secured. It has made the process of updating and changing systems much easier to perform. In the future it will allow companies to have access to a system that is at the top of the chain. While having the best access it will allow them to have a cost savings to the business that they can put towards other aspects of the business. Mobile devices such as cell phones have made many changes to todays business world. It has affected many areas of business today; when you think of the convenience of having one there is no comparison to the old land line days. One of the biggest challenges it has faced is security. It has given us access to music, television, stock exchanges and being connected to the internet at all times. It is likely that each person will have 5 - 6 devices in the future. You are already able to control you house temperature, television shows and trade stock by the use of the mobile devices. Businesses will continue to make more apps that make it easier for customers to access their products; with this their business will continue to grow. Some of the challenges affecting big data is data consumption, storage and sharing just to name a few. It will help with the business industry by getting more specific information that is specified to the company and even each different department. It will allow companies to

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